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Spring 2016 Class:

This page has several PDF files for use with our class this semester.
Click on the blue lettering to retrieve each individual pdf.

The first is:

The second and third PDFs are homework assignments. Assignment #1 is due February 23rd and Assignment #2 is due on March 15th.

The remaining PDF files consists of various forms to be used in class and for your homework assignments.

There are currently 5 files available covering various pages.
Again, click on the blue lettering to access the PDF version of each of the five books. There is a short pause while the document loads.

1. Form Book PP 1-28.pdf
2. Form Book PP 29-53.pdf
3. Form Book PP 62-87.pdf
4. Form Book PP 107-275.pdf
5. Form Book PP 292-332.pdf

The following file is an article on various trusts.

Other files pertain to estate tax returns which will be used later in the course.

There are two files for estate administration. One is the estate administration checklist. The other is a sample spreadsheet to identify and classify estate assets.



Seclect SCPA & ETPL Statutes
HW #1
HW #2
Form Book PP 1-28
Form Book PP 29-53
Form Book PP 62-87
Form Book PP 107-275
Form Book PP 292-332
Trusts Article
Form 706 & ET-706 with Comments
Form 706 Instructions
Form ET-706 Instructions
Estate Administration Checklist
Sample Estate Spreadsheet